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28-Jan-2018 09:58

The term “real estate assets” means real property (including interests in real property and interests in mortgages on real property or on interests in real property), shares (or transferable certificates of beneficial interest) in other real estate investment trusts which meet the requirements of this part, and debt instruments issued by publicly offered REITs.

A regular or residual interest in a REMIC shall be treated as a real estate asset, and any amount includible in gross income with respect to such an interest shall be treated as interest on an obligation secured by a mortgage on real property; except that, if less than 95 percent of the assets of such REMIC are real estate assets (determined as if the real estate investment trust held such assets), such real estate investment trust shall be treated as holding directly (and as receiving directly) its proportionate share of the assets and income of the REMIC. If you asked experts in the financial industry what single individual has done the most in the past 50 years to influence how Americans invest, you’d get a wide-ranging list of names—but one name you’d see over and over would be John Bogle.What follows are excerpts from his 1951 college thesis, submitted to Princeton University, including parts of Chapter 1, “Advantages to the Individual Investor,” and the conclusion.This management style may have higher operating costs (expense ratio) than passive management due to active trading.

Your total income, as reported on your federal income tax return, after allowing for certain adjustments, such as subtracting certain contributions to individual retirement accounts, but before subtracting Standard or Itemized Deductions and personal exemptions.Many funds point to the need for adequate cash reserves, insurance, and perhaps additional savings or government bonds before placing the remainder in a mutual fund.

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