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13-Feb-2018 14:38

During their first chat on July 31, Cochran exposed himself to “Ashley”.

This was preceded by various forms of sexual innuendo on Cochran's part, including calling “Ashley” “sweet”, stating that it was so hot that “it even hot running round naked”, and that he liked to play “strip pool.” Later in the chat, after exposing and fondling himself in front of the webcam, Cochran asked “Ashley” if she “liked” what she saw.

Savinova was one of the runners who questioned Semenya's participation in women's competition at the 2009 world track championships, just prior to Semenya's ban.

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Sex crime on the net is a relatively new threat to hit Lebanon although many Lebanese are aware of 'revenge porn' - a phenomenon to hit Europe and the US where bitter ex husbands post video clips of their former wives performing their breathless carnal duties.

But on line sex crimes are becoming a worry to Lebanon's state apparatus.

Lebanese police Friday warned of cyber exploitation and sexual blackmail, urging Internet users not to interact with strangers online.

The warning was issued after hackers blackmailed Internet users in to paying large sums of money after they threatened to post naked videos of them on You Tube, the Internal Security Forces said in a statement.

Though she has never spoken about it publicly, the organization governing international track competition reinstated Semenya supposedly after she agreed to undergo treatment for her testosterone levels.