Who is chris brown dating now Bi fem video chatroom uk

14-Aug-2017 07:11

"Gigi has been talking to Zayn about [Chris and Kendall being] a potential couple.

She wants them all to go out on a double date," the source said.

Does this news mean that Brown and Guzman are paving the way for a relationship in the future?

The dating rumors between Chris Brown and Nia Guzman began earlier this week after sources close to Brown and Nia revealed to Brown and Guzman have made headlines over the past few months regarding their heated custody battle over Royalty, which seemed to escalate after Brown began accusing Guzman of using Royalty to extort money from him while Nia attempted keep Royalty from seeing Brown due to his history of violence and drug use.

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It's been reported that Rita originally caption the photo 'Bae', before removing the word and leaving only a smiley emoji.Despite their differences, sources close to Chris Brown and Nia Guzman have now agreed to put on a united front and co-parent Royalty by taking their daughter to swimming, gymnastics, and dance classes together.Brown’s sources also claim that Guzman and Chris have come to an agreement about Royalty’s pre-school education, and both Chris and Nia want to be involved in their daughter’s education plans in the future.So why not get involved and click (right) to buy it now?

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While it’s unclear what ultimately changed between Chris Brown and Nia Guzman to convince the duo to set aside their bitter differences, the news of Brown’s decision to co-parent Royalty with Nia has led some fans to inquire about the nature of Chris and Guzman’s improving relationship. taken-by=royaltybrownofficial Not long after the news of Chris and Nia’s desire to co-parent Royalty made headlines, Chris Brown’s fans took to Twitter and Instagram to speculate on whether or not there may be a romantic connection between Chris and his baby mama.

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